Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sharing a few pics.

Here is the pics I promised and a sampling of the 40 throws we bought for the homeless.
Hoping to give some warmth.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sewing while on Christmas break

While I was home on break from college my mom and I did a little sewing for the babies
there is 67 fleece Newborn hats completed, 10 Preemie fleece sleep sacks and 19 Newborn fleece sleep sacks completed. Lots more cut out and a lot more to cut, so, hopefully before we can get to those before next break in March or May. LOL Thank you for following and I hope to have a little more time to keep everyone updated as to what is on the agenda. Oh, I almost forgot, Mom and I also purchased 40 fleece blankets when they were on clearance after Christmas. So there will be at least 40 more homeless people with their own throw. I do have an idea and I would like your input if you wouldn't mind. Just leave a comment if you can. I know that many college kids get new backpacks for each semester, a waste of money but hey who am I to judge? What if they could donate them and then I fill them with a blanket, hat and scarf. and possibly any other items we can fit, that way the people have something to keep with them not just a wal-mart bag. Make sense to any one else besides myself?  I will be posting pictures tomorrow of the blankets, hats and sleep sacks. Have a good day and remember people need a helping hand year round, not just at Christmas time.