Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One down. One to Go!!!

I guess you could say that was a very proud moment for me. My mother, my son, my sister and niece were there to share in this moment with me. They have been imperative to me getting this far and I am sure that before I complete my BSW they will be pushing me some more. I won't sit here and say that I haven't had some amazing Professors and fellow students along the way, because I have. They have been great motivators, and realists for me along this journey as well. But the one thing that drives me the most is my desire to let others see that all people are not cold hearted and unwilling to to see that bad things happen to good people. Whether by choice or past mistake. I haven't updated in a long time because I chose to ensure my education came first, right along with my son. And realized I am not super woman, I can't do it all. I am not my Mother. She will disagree with that, as I think all mothers would. But she is my Rock. I have recently been off my feet having foot surgery, and have been making baby blankets.
         I watched a movie the other night on the UP channel. I almost didn't watch it but something made me sit there and learn these people's stories. The movie was called "A Cross to Bear." In this movie a child grew up with an alcoholic mother and she learned life's lessons in this manner. She grows up to try and achieve a dream of her own only to find a man, and begin drinking and eventually becomes pregnant, as she realizes this she is kicked out, the boyfriend moved on without her, which happens to many. She becomes homeless and has the baby, I won't tell you the whole movie lets just say it has some tragic circumstances that bring her to a home for women. She learns to become independent, face her past and move on as life continues to move us. I guess my lesson in this movie is although tragic and horrifying as it was we all have our cross to bear, and the past molds us into the people we are or have become. But someone should be helping these people know that our past does not define us. We ALL make mistakes and from those mistakes we must move on, even if it is in a different direction then that we initially intended to go. I will be doing my best to post more frequently. Although classes start back in August. Thanks to all those who frequent this page, any prayers would be greatly appreciated.