Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Big Reality check for me

This is a baby blanket I made for a supervisor at work, they are expecting their third miracle from God On Thanksgiving Day, I hope they enjoy it along with some other things that are going with it.
     My reality check is this........In making my goal 125 scarves by November 1st I have realized that was an unrealistic goal, because when I set that goal I was depending on others to help me. I have come to know over this last month that I cannot force my thoughts onto other, and not everyone shares my views on charity. In the future I will place my goals based on myself and pray that God will allow me to achieve those goals with one thought in mind, Give to others, as I have been given to. I will continue to work towards helping others, whether it be Homeless, Babies, Battered women and children, Special Olympics, or Cancer victims, and if need be my next door neighbor. I hope that someone is touched with hope every time they receive something homemade by me or someone else because the love is there.

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