Friday, September 30, 2011

A long time gone..........

To all of my loyal followers I want to apologize for not posting in such a long time, but college after 21 years of being out of school has been challenging. LOL. I am still working on scarves and hats, although I find it much easier to buy hats then to make them. I found a deal and got 50 of them for $0.75 each. If you crochet or knit, or loom you know you can't make them that cheap. As mentioned in one of my comments, research shows that 1/3 of our homeless are veterans, or the mentally challenged. and another 1/3 are children. Now that we have the computer fixed and the camera hooked up again, I will be posting some pictures. Forgive me for the long pause in posts. My mission is still on and I have not wavered. If you have a passion for helping remember the ones out there that have fallen on bad times, and know they are not all asking for a handout, JUST A HAND UP!!!!!!!!!!! I will extend my hand, will you?

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  1. Wonderful to see you posting again, have checked on you often, though haven't always left you a message. Hope things get easier with school. I know I wouldn't want to try that again, so best of luck to you.

    We've added some additional groups to those we're helping over on Bridge and Beyond, didn't know if you knew that.