Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just another update....

I just wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten my mission. I have been focusing on my schoolwork and trying to be a better mother, but I also have been reading books about homelessness, and let me tell you it is such a situation that makes me rethink everything, not in a bad way. But it has made me try to think of other ways to help. The last book I read was published in 1990 and even then the waiting list for low income housing was 18 years long. Can you imagine? Can you imagine how hopeless these people feel knowing that they will probably die before an opportunity, to live in their own apartment opens up? I can't. So maybe if all the Rich people across the country could stop focusing so much on the all mighty dollar and focus on the people of this country, we could build housing projects or more shelters. Or offer others the opportunity for a hand up before it comes to them being on the street. Just a couple thoughts.........On my way to school, have a couple tests and papers due, so wish me luck. Maybe if we all thought about homelessness and other things just a few minutes more, and if we think outside the box we can come up with some solutions, and put a dent in the problem not just a band-aid..

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  1. Making rounds from Bridge and Beyond to say hi, and to make sure everyone knows details of a contest with 3 winners will be posted a bit later today. Hope to see you soon.

    I understand the pain you feel in your post, but take heart, many good people are doing good things, and we do make a difference, and people do get permanent housing....Ohio has one of the best programs for that, Through The Homeless Families Foundation people are moved into permanent housing, which is where our project welcome home comes into play.