Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why I choose to do this.

I know many of you wonder why I chose to do this. Well, first My son was born in Cabell Huntington Hospital, in Huntington West Virginia in July 2003, they had a large NICU and it was so sad to see those tiny little babies. And they are so cold you can just watch them shiver. of course they shiver because they're so tiny. I'm sure there are many scientific reasons why but they just looked cold. So my mom got on the net and started looking for charity sites to hopefully become a part of. That's when she found Gods Tiny Angels, and it also helped that they were a local charity. Through this group we started crocheting baby items. And through this process we learned that in some cities babies have nothing to go home with. Some have nothing to be buried in. Not even a blanket.So the idea took hold.
    Later, My mother, sister, son and I were on our way home from Hobby Lobby and a man was on the bridge with a sign that said "Will work for food". I am not going to lie and say that in the past It never occurred to me to help, but that day, God touched me, and I knew I needed to do something. So we gave him some money and he was so grateful, it felt good. it felt right. Then the search was on to find someway to help. So, the thought to crochet scarves kicked in. it has taken a while but, the desire was stronger than before. We then decided to take it to others. I asked my co-workers if they could crochet, and if they could if I provided the yarn would they make some too. They did and I am now setting a goal to  make a least 125 scarves before winter gets here. I have never really thought about it but I had someone ask me why homeless people. I ask Why Not? In these economic times money is tighter than ever, and if I lost my job tomorrow how long would it be before I was out of options. About four weeks. I know not many people think about these things but you have to. Prices are going up, and wages are not. So why not help someone just like me?
     I like to read James Patterson novels, Laurell K Hamilton as well as many others, singing is a hobby and now I am doing this. If you took the time to read this, take the time to think. What if it were me? What if it was my baby? What if? If you want to help others, you don't have to link up with me, but link up with a group, check them out.  If not for anything but the knowing that it could be us.

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  1. So beautifully said, and brings more meaning to my choice of names for the group, Bridge and Beyond. Bridge because people really do live under the bridge (bridges), bridge because we bridge the gap from our world to theirs; and beyond........for the people we help beyond the bridge.