Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Scarves and Hats to provide warmth...

I can't post new pictures as of yet because one computer died and the other is not the best, but I have not forgotten.. The Today show had a man on this morning, "The man with the golden voice" I don't remember his name but he was homeless in Columbus Ohio and said he lived in several shelters throughout the past since 1993 and it just goes to show that all are in need of a hand sometime, and sometimes a hands up. I have 50 hats and almost as many scarves done and will be hopefully be delivering them Saturday morning to Huntington West Virginia, I have not forgotten my mission and will continue to work on it throughout the year. With my scraps out of my skeins we are making  blankets in double strand and it is very heavy, hopefully I will be able to post a picture of it soon. Thoughts and Prayers and warm wishes to all who are helping someone in some way regardless of the charity. Just keep up the good work and know that you are appreciated. And I am very afraid that things will only get worse with the inclination of the economic situation. Be Happy and Be praised. God loves us all.

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  1. Checking back in on your, been so long since I've heard from you, since you've blogged. Hoping you solved your computer troubles and that things with you are ok. Making blog rounds today to say hi to my friends from Bridge and Beyond.