Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 boxes shipped............

Well..........the good news is we have shipped 3 boxes of scarves and some things to the bridge and beyond. I am sure Sandy will make good use of everything. Special Thanks to Mom, Ayleen, Tabi, and Pat for your help we still have more to go. Also the other good news  it looks like Noah does not have the chicken pox LOL. Have a great day and will post more hopefully this weekend.

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  1. That's not good news, Cindy; that's FABULOUS NEWS!! I am soooooooo giddy I can't stand it. Such fun scarves with so many colors. Thanks very much for your thoughtful donation and for adding the link to Bridge and Beyond on your blog log. I've got to get you added to mine. Just got your mother's charity page added and added her other page to my personal page.

    Do Ayleen, Tabi and Pat have blogs that I can pop over and say thanks? Glad to know their names. Just finished taking pictures and bagging for delivery a short while ago. Need to get the pictures loaded and write post to get it in que, so do keep an eye peeled.

    I didn't detect any smoke problem at all, thank you for dealing with that; it's much appreciated as my allergies really flair when I'm around smoke.

    I think it's cool you can multi-task like that. Keep up the good work.

    I'll have to hop over to Facebook after while so we can get connected there too.

    Again many thanks!